the smoothie revolution


At Supadupa we are passionate about two things: smoothies, and giving our customers exactly what they want. Go ahead, create your very own smoothie mix by choosing from over 50 natural and organic superfoods in our Mixing Station. We'll mix your order the same day, package it, and send it your way. Boom! A few days later you are making a smoothie, your way. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack-time, pre and post workout - a superfood packed smoothie hits the spot every time.


We believe that you shouldn’t be forced into buying superfood mixes that contain ingredients that you don’t want, or mixes that don’t contain all the ingredients you do want. That’s nuts! And not the kind of nuts you eat (we have those). At Supadupa we celebrate individuality because we work for you. That’s right, YOU are the boss of us! So, go ahead, get your smoothie mix your way. You deserve a special order.


When you order a Supadupa you help save 90% of packaging waste. Instead of buying 10 or more bags of ingredients just let us do the mixing for you and we save all that packaging waste, and the pollution from several deliveries. The environment will thank you, and you get the superfood mix you want. It’s a win-win! So, have a smoothie & save the environment.